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Reviews for Elk Valley Family Chiropractic

Highly Recommend!

The positive atmosphere made coming to this office enjoyable. You can tell when someone honestly wants to help for the purpose of making someone’s life better- you will find this here. I highly recommend a consult to see if your life could improve with Dr. Mikes chiropractic care.

- Trish

Very Informative

Very informative. Nothing like I expected from a chiropractor. Now I have a real view and understanding of what’s going on with my spine awesome. Thank you.

- Jim

So Thankful for Discovering your Office

Thank you for helping myself and my family in our quest for over all wellness, our lives changed for the better the moment we stepped into your office. I am so thankful for discovering your office and the wonders of chiropractic medicine. Your office staff are extremely welcoming and accommodating and it’s such a feel good environment.

- Trina

Easy to Talk To

Great staff is at the heart of Elk Valley Family Chiropractic clinic. The definition of care is unique here. Dr. Rumpel is easy to talk to. He listens and he fully explains everything.

- Josh

Unlike Any Other

Amazing group and very informative doctors report. Felt inspired after the visit and Dr. Mikes passion made the experience feel very unique than any other Drs visit I’ve had before. Thanks so much!!

- Scott

Road to Recovery

Phenomenal staff, very personable, Dr. Mike is so comical. His approach to helping his patients is so sincere and like anything, I have never seen. I can’t wait to be on the road to recovery and gain my life back.

- Jennifer

Thank you very much

“I feel like this type of practice is what myself and Nelson have been looking for !! We are looking to find a drug free way of improving our health permanently. Your friendly staff and professional advice have come at the perfect time in our life. You all have changed our lives and the positive physical results have only begun. Thank you very much.”

- Anna

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